What to Look for in Dubai Flower Shops


There are literally hundreds of flower shops around so how do you find the best one that you know can meet your needs? Whether you are looking for flowers for your wedding, family reunion or for more corporate events like seminars, marketing launches, or sales events, these are the same services that you should look for in all Dubai flower shops:

Customized Flower Arrangements

Nowadays, the competition when it comes to flowers and bouquets is so stiff that flower shops try to offer their best services as much as possible. So that includes creating customized flower arrangements for their customers. With almost all shops such as Mercury Flowers – Flower Shop in Dubai doing this, what then makes one flower shop special from the other? The answer is in the way they would do their customized bouquets.


Some flower shops already have what they call a customized bouquet for holidays and special occasions such as Valentine’s. They prepare these in advance and put them on their websites for the customers to order. But what is the real essence of customized is that you can actually call up the flower shop and have them create for you a customized bouquet based on the flower and decors of your choice. When it is done this way, that is when it truly becomes a customized flower arrangement. Not all shops are willing to do that.

Same-day Delivery

Isn’t it nice that we do not have to buy flowers the old-fashioned way? This means we don’t need to go to the flower shop in person and get our flowers. Today, most shops can deliver the flowers you requested and some even offer free delivery if you are just nearby the area.

So what type of flower delivery should you be looking for? Aside from the delivery service itself, you should look for flower shops that offer same-day delivery services. Why is this important? Well, think about it. If you suddenly have a need for a bouquet of if you need an extra flower arrangement, you would want that to be delivered as soon as possible, right? In fact, you might even need it today! So with same-day flower delivery, customers can have their flowers a few hours from the time they ordered it, which makes it really convenient and a life-saver

Florist Consultation

It would be a great thing if you can consult with the florist of the flower shop especially if you do not have an idea of what type of flowers to buy for your event or special requirement. With a florist present, you can always ask about what types of flowers you can put in one type of arrangement and what not to put in another. The florist can also make recommendations as to how you can make the bouquet look stunning and yet still affordable for your budget. Not all shops selling flowers will be able to provide their florist for consultation so you should really look for those ones that do have this service.