Jordyn Woods Weight Loss

The modern era seems to have altered the saying, ‘the bigger the better’ into ‘the slimmer the better’.

No wonder, our beauty standards have changed and so has our mindset to judge beauty. Things that worked in the past have become things that no longer pull attention or say, the ones that need to be changed.

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One good example is women with curves that were deemed as the symbol of sex in the past, today, women with a few extra pounds are labeled as unattractive followed by all sorts of body shaming remarks on them to face.

Sadly, the fashion models and women from the entertainment world are the common victims of body shaming.

No wonder, people love to criticize them as much as they love to follow them.


Jordyn Woods is a familiar name for those who keep a close eye on Kardashian– Jenner family. Woods, the dearest friend of kylie Jenner boasts a very captivating personality that helps her draw a great level of public attention most of the time.

But that’s not the only thing that works for Woods, the 21 years old also possesses a very beautiful body that further makes her personality appear thrilling and gripping.

By profession, the closest friend to Miss Jenner is a model, in fact, saying this would not be wrong that she is one of the most sought after models we have in today’s time.

However, Jordyn was never size zero, neither had an hourglass figure, yet, she was loved for her curves and for being a plus-sized model until recently, she surprised her fans by losing her excess weight and adjusting her body into a more slender frame.


Jordyn woods, similar to many other models; was constantly subjected to body shaming by her critics- apart from the love and appreciation she used to get from her fans.

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But despite that, she always spread body positivity – the evidence of which was her baring curves in bikinis, she wore several times.

So what made her lose weight and turn this slimmer when the model was already positive about herself?

Well, the answer lies in her growing commitment towards health which she wanted to have no compromise on. Indeed, it is her extra care towards health that led her body shake off all that she was carrying unnecessarily.


Jordyn, in spite of being in a strong position to go for those costly weight loss methods, chose the simple route.

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She started working out regularly, without which, she wouldn’t have managed to make it to a healthy body. Her main focus was towards exercises that are proven to lose weight, however, she did not forget to incorporate the ones that keep her motivational level higher. At one point, she also expressed her mixed feelings for cardio by saying:

“I have a love-hate relationship with cardio… Weights, squats, I feel like it all plays an important role.”

The once plus-sized model believes that workouts are vital for our mind, as much as they are for our body. They have a very critical contribution in the improvement of our physical and mental health, on an equal note. Thereby, one should workout regardless of having a perfect body otherwise.

The model further stated that she has now become addicted to training that keeps her mood fresh and happy. In fact, these changes have shifted her in a frame of mind, she was never in before.


Unlike most of the celebrities who choose to stay mum over their weight loss success, Woods chose to be vocal so that she can turn an inspiration for others.

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She believes that dedication in a respective task is something that makes the task appear simpler and achievable. But that does not mean taking big steps all the time, even with the little ones taken every day, one can eventually make it to its way.

Interestingly, Woods still recall her trainings she has been doing for the past few months. To say the least, her consistent moves towards betterment are what she credits for her much lighter and shaper body today!


The girl is not coming slow and we are simply in awe with her. I mean, simply check out her social media accounts like Instagram and you will be surprised to see the number of followers she has. Well, we don’t doubt that she is an emerging star that has a long way to go in the entertainment world.

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As of now, her real achievement is her identity which she has managed to create on her own. Once known for her friendship with Kylie Jenner, Woods has become a self-made star today.